UPS Delivers $2 Million to Settle ADA Inflexible Leave Case

The EEOC continues to ring the “inflexible leave policy” settlement register despite a 2014 opinion authored by then-10th Circuit Judge, now Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch that such policies are neither inherently unlawful nor retaliatory, and can “serve to protect rather than threaten the rights of the disabled.” Hwang v. Kansas State University, (10th Cir.  2014).


The EEOC had claimed that UPS violated the ADA by failing to provide reasonable accommodations and by maintaining an “inflexible leave policy, whereby the company fired disabled employees automatically when they reached 12 months of leave, without engaging in the interactive process required by law,” according to the EEOC’s press release  about the settlement.


In Hwang, the plaintiff had exhausted her employer’s six month leave policy, requested more leave and alleged that her employer’s denial of her request denied her a reasonable accommodation in violation of the Rehabilitation Act. Continue reading