Challenge to Minneapolis Sick Leave Law is Over; Split Decision Stands

It began with the Fracas in Minneapolis, evolved into the Minnesota Melee, and now, more than a year after it began, the legal challenge to the Minneapolis Sick and Safe Time Ordinance is over. In September, the state Court of Appeals had declined to enjoin that ordinance as it applied to businesses within the City’s geographic boundaries but enjoined it with regard to businesses outside the City limits.  The Supreme Court of Minnesota has now declined to review the Court of Appeals’ decision. That denial ends the legal challenge. The case is closed.


While the litigation challenged the Minneapolis ordinance only, St. Paul had enacted a very similar ordinance and has been applying in within the city limits while awaiting the final resolution of the litigation.

Duluth also has had a keen interest in the litigation since it is considering whether to enact a sick and safe time ordinance. Its Task Force presented its report to the City Council on Monday, November 20.

With the closing of this case, the state of PSL in the North Star State is that a municipality may enact a PSL that applies to businesses within the city’s geographic boundaries only. The Minneapolis and St. Paul ordinances have been in effect since July 1, 2017.