Paid Sick Leave Focus Shifts to Albuquerque Lawsuits

After spending most of the past few months on the [20% of] Cook County Earned Sick Leave Ordinance, the PSL focus shifts to Albuquerque, the Duke City.

Two lawsuits are pending concerning the Albuquerque ballot referendum on the Healthy Workforce Ordinance (HWO)–one brought by HWO proponents, the other by opponents.

My earlier post concerning the judge’s recent decision in the proponents’ lawsuit was based on a newspaper report. Thanks to a little help from my friends, I now have the judge’s decision, which adds some insight. According to that decision:

  • The HWO will be on the October 3, 2017 ballot, and will be printed in 7-point type on a single two-sided page, 8 1/2 in. X 19 in,;
  • The City will have “magnifier devices” and copies of the proposed HWO in 12-point type available to voters at the polling places;
  • The City’s proposed “advisory question” is stricken from the ballot because it “employs semantically ‘loaded’ terms and clearly implies that the proposed HWO is not transparent, fair, wise or workable. It is likely to mislead, confuse, or misdirect the voters….[and] is an inappropriate attempt to inject political advocacy onto the ballot and into the election process.”
  • The stricken proposed advisory question asked: “Shall the governing boy of CABQ [City of Albuquerque] promptly enact a sick leave ordinance in a manner that promotes pubic participation, public hearings, transparency and fairness so that a wise and workable sick leave policy is adopted…””

Concerning the opponents’ litigation, a hearing was held in court yesterday. The judgechopped-wood-1846182_1920 did not issue a decision on the HWO at the hearing. My post about that “single subject,” aka “logrolling,” case is here.

Finally, for those who have not had enough of the [20% of] Cook County Earned Sick Leave Ordinance, I added the Village of Dixmoor to my opt out list, which now has 110 entries.