Cook County Nix Flurry as the End Nears

Come Alsip and Bridgeview and Burbank and Bellwood.

Come Hillside and Justice and River Grove and Homewood.

Come Orland Park and Palos Heights and Maywood.NIX

Welcome these Cook County municipalities to my nix list, those that have opted out of the county Earned Sick Leave Ordinance.  My list is now 45 municipalities long, which is approximately one-third of the municipalities within Cook County.

I posted last week that opting out of the county ordinance will be ending soon because the ordinance becomes effective July 1, 2017.  I continue to watch a handful of municipalities which will be voting soon on whether to opt out. I am also researching a few other municipalities which, supposedly have opted out, but I have been unable to confirm that they had, in fact, done so.  (If any readers know of any others, please let me know.) I speculate that come July 1, 2017, between fifty and fifty-five municipalities will have opted out of the county sick leave law.

I have listed the Cook County nix list on the PSL Laws and Resources page of my blog, just below the link to the Cook County Ordinance.

Cook County enacted the ESL Ordinance in October 2016. Generally, it requires covered employers to allow employees to accrue one hour of paid sick leave for every 40 hours worked. My posts about that Ordinance are here and here.