Paid Leave for Sex?

A government official of a small town in northern Sweden has proposed that municipal employees have paid leave to go home and have sex, according to a report.  Municipal employees already receive one hour of paid leave weekly for fitness and wellness activities. The proposal would allow employees to use that hour to go home and have sex with a spouse or partner. The sponsor said that sex was a form of exercise and “has documented positive effects on well-being,” according to the report.

candle-2038736_1280None of the paid sick leave laws in the United States enable an employee to take PSL to go home and have sex. Connecting that need to a medical condition, or to caring for a spouse with a medical condition, would be quite a stretch. However, if Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s Commonsense Paid Leave Act were to pass, that bill allows Maryland employees to take accrued time off for any reason which, presumably, includes having sex.