Arizona and Washington Pass PSL by Wide Margins

A few weeks ago, I surmised that any time voters are asked whether they would like more paid time off from work, they would say yes. On Tuesday, voters in Arizona and Washington did just that, by approving by a wide margin measures that would both raise the minimum wage and require employers to provide paid sickarizona-state-seal-color
wa-sealleave. In both states, nearly 60% of the voters approved the proposition. To see the official tally for Arizona Proposition 206, click here and for Washington
Initiative 1433 click here.

The Arizona law is effective July 1, 2017; the Washington law is effective January 1, 2018.

Now, seven states, the District of Columbia, two counties and dozens of municipalities have enacted PSL laws. The PSL patchwork grows and, undoubtedly, will continue to do so.